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Apr 28, 2017

Dec 21, 2016

Aug 14, 2017


Oglesby Online Catalog

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to our online catalog...

As the sign says, we are celebrating our 70th year in the plant business. But don't expect us to be sitting around in our Lazyboys watching the world go by.  We are fired up about the next 70 years and looking forward to giving our loyal customers more color, more diversity, more JOY.  Everyone here at Oglesby Plants International appreciates your support and encouragement over the years and we promise to continue to work hard bringing more color for everyone to enjoy.

So... sit down, stay awhile and enjoy our southern hospitality.  We've got some great plants to show you.

You can place your orders directly from our online catalog. It's fast, easy, secure and our store is open 24/7.  Not into online ordering?  No problem, just give us a call or email us. We love talking to other plant people and we'll be happy to help you select the right plants for your needs.

We hope you enjoy your time visiting our catalog.  Please keep in mind that some of the plants we offer never make it to our online catalog.  For a more comprehensive list, check out our Current Availability located at the top right of this page.

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. You can email your comments to info@oglesbytc.com or use our contact page here http://www.oglesbytc.com/contact/.


Featured Products

Anthurium 'Red Hot'


Proven by over two decades of production in Florida as a "grower friendly" variety, 'Red Hot' has many advantageous characteristics such as excellent... More
46 tray(s)

Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'pat#18551


This award winning plant has shiny, pink-spotted black leaves and a vigorous rounded habit. It's a sport of 'Obsidian' that was discovered at Behnke... More
11 tray(s)

Heucherella 'Stoplight' pp16835


Large, red centered, yellow spring leaves change to lime green with red centers in the summer warm months. Combines with red flowering annuals and... More
14 tray(s)

Humata tyermannii (White Rabbit's Foot Fern)


Humata tyermannii has woolly, creeping stems or rhizomes that are responsible both for part of its ornamental value and its common name. When there is... More
15 tray(s)

Nephrolepis 'Nevada' PAT#14190



Nephrolepis Nevada

42 tray(s)

Spathiphyllum 'Sweet Chico' pp13718



Spathiphyllum Sweet Chico

210 tray(s)

Syngonium 'Glo-Go' PAT#12282


A unique Syngonium with a very distinctive appearance of sharp contrasting variegation. This vigorous selection is bold, tough and provides a non-vining,... More
38 tray(s)