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Jan 8, 2018

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What to do when the plants arrive

Actually, the process of receiving your plants begins before the plants arrive.  Make sure you have a protected, shady place where the boxes can be delivered and stay until you have time to unpack your shipment.  The boxes should never be subjected to direct sun and or extreme temperatures, hot or cold.  Prepare a clean, sanitized area to accept the trays once unpacked and again protect them from direct sun and or extreme temperatures.
On arrival, open the box(s) immediately.  You will find that each tray will be wrapped in paper and inserted into a protective cardboard sleeve (see more details here).  Remove the trays from the sleeve, unwrap the trays and place them in the clean area as described above.  Although we go the extra mile to protect your plants during shipping the shippers sometimes go the extra mile to undo our good work.  Check each tray for dislodged plants and place them back in the cell.  A small amount of leaf damage during shipping is not unusual (In some cases, we cut back plants before shipping) and will not affect the quality of the finished plant.
Water the trays immediately and thoroughly.  While in our greenhouses, the plants receive frequent watering and are never allowed to dry out.  Depending on how long your plants have been in transit, drying out can occur and this initial watering is important.  In extreme cases, some of the cells will not absorb the water when applied overhead and may require sub-irrigation to bring the moisture level back to normal.
Although the plants will continue to grow in the trays if treated properly for a short period of time we recommend you plant them as soon as you can.  For the first few weeks after planting check the plants frequently to make sure they are receiving adequate water.  Remember that even though the surrounding media may have adequate moisture, the freshly planted plug is still isolated until the roots can establish connection with the new media.  Also remember that during shipping the plants were in complete darkness so watch for signs of overexposure to light and correct immediately.
We have specific growing information for many of the plants we offer on our web site.  Please call 1.850.762.3296 or email us at info@oglesbytc.com if you have questions about any of our products.  Your success is our success.