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Jan 8, 2018

Aug 29, 2018

Feb 12, 2019


What am I Buying?

The products sold on our web site are commonly called liners or young plants and are used in the commercial horticulture industry as starter plants.  Although we show you pictures of beautifully grown plants, we do not sell fully grown or finished plants. The finished plant pictured represents the cultivar listed so you will know what to expect from a well grown plant.

 What we sell

Our plants are grown in trays containing various quantities and sizes of plants.  All of our plants are sold in tray quantities so when you purchase a 72 cell pack tray (designated as 72cp) you will receive 72 plants, a 162cp tray will contain 162 plants, etc. All of our trays are more or less the same dimensions so generally you can expect the overall size of the plant and the root ball to vary with the number of cells per tray. A 50cp tray will generaly contain much larger plants then a 162cp tray.  Some plants are offered in several tray sizes and deciding which tray size to buy is mostly an economic decision. Plants offered in 162cp trays will be less expensive than the same plant grown in a 72cp tray and will also have a lower per plant shipping cost. On the down side, purchasing smaller plants (i.e. 162cp vs 72cp) will require longer grow times and occupy your growing space longer.

About our plant descriptions...

While every effort has been made to describe our plants accurately, please keep in mind that the height, overall size, grow times, bloom times, flower and foliage color may differ in various climates or cultural conditions. The descriptions of our plants are written based on our experience growing them in northern Florida, USA (USDA hardiness zone 8a/b) as well as observations made at various growers facilities.  In many cases we include a range of pot or container size recommendations based on container sizes commonly used in the United States.  These recommendations can easily be converted to your local container standards.

About our color descriptions...

In the plant world, flower and foliage color is part of our everyday conversation. When writing our color descriptions, we have a lot of discussion about what color that color is versus that other color. So, the pictured plant and our description of the flower or foliage color lies somewhere between the actual color, our interpretation of the color, our opinion of the color, your opinion of the color and the real color these wonderful plants present. All we can tell you for sure is that these plants help bring wonderful color into your life.  Exactly what color that is, is truly in the eye of the beholder.