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Jan 8, 2018

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Mar 22, 2019


Shipping and Delivery Times

Boxing and Shipping

Not only are we pretty good at growing plants, we're also pretty good at shipping them so the plants arrive at your door safely. For all FedX and UPS deliveries, our trays are wrapped in a moisture resistent paper to help hold the plants in place thru the rigors of shipping. We choose paper wrapping over a plastic netting because the paper itself does not damage plants like netting sometimes can.
The following pictures show how the trays are wrapped and then placed in a protective, water resistent cardboard sleeve appropriately sized for the plant height.  The sleeves are then placed in a cardboard box. Each box has signage indicating live plants and directional arrows to instruct handlers which way is up. We also offer a winter wrap that adds additional insulation to the box.   

Inventory and Availability

We make every effort to keep each products inventory that is displayed on our web store as accurate as possible.  Simply put, when you order online we want you to experience "Instant Gratification" or at least as close as possible.  But, alas we are not perfect! Sometimes the plants don't cooperate, sometimes we just drop the ball.  Either way, if there is a problem with quickly delivering your selected product(s) we will let you know and give you as many options as possible. 


Delivery Times

Once your order has been submitted we will make every effort to ship the plants to you as soon as possible. Part of our process involves looking at weather forecasts for our location and yours as well as the location(s) of the carrier hubs.  If the forecast is not favorable, we will delay your shipment and notify you of the situation.  All orders are scheduled to arrive before Friday whenever possible. We will not ship plants over the weekend unless instructed to do so. Orders placed late in the week may be held until the following week to allow your shipment to arrive before Friday. Once we hand off your shipment to the carrier you will receive a tracking number so you can track your shipment. Please keep in mind that we have no control over the Carriers' performance. We assume, like you that if you select 2 day service, you will get 2 day service.


Choosing Delivery Options

Ground delivery service can be economical but may not be your best shipping option.  Most carriers offer 1 to 6 day(s) delivery for ground delivery depending on your location. If you get your shipment in 1 to 2 days via ground delivery then ground is a great option for you. Conversely, ground delivery requiring 4 to 6 days is not a good idea (it's pretty dark and dry in the box!).
Here's some points to remember when choosing a delivery option at checkout...
  • We highly recommend you select a delivery time no longer than 3 days.
  • We highly recommend Overnight or 2-3 day delivery if shipping times exceeding 3 days for your selected shipping method.
  • We will generally honor your shipping selection. We may not like it and try to talk you out of it but you are the boss! Just remember that shipping is at your risk.

How to determine ground delivery times.

Both FedX and UPS publish maps to help you determine ground delivery times to your location.  To access the map just click on the links below.  Use our zip code (32421) as the origination point.