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Apr 28, 2017

Dec 21, 2016

Nov 20, 2017

Syngonium 'Glo-Go' PAT#12282

Syngonium 'Glo-Go' PAT#12282


Tray Price: $45.08

27 tray(s)

A unique Syngonium with a very distinctive appearance of sharp contrasting variegation. This vigorous selection is bold, tough and provides a non-vining, naturally compact growth habit very adaptable to 4, 6 and 8 inch pot production. As it branches freely, crops finish with a generous display of striking, symmetrical foliage.

For the consumer: Glo-Go is an especially outstanding interior plant for the home or office. Its compact, rounded shape make it perfect for a table or desk top.  It also makes a great patio plant.  Glo-Go is easy to care for and will give you many months, if not years of enjoyment. Just give Glo-Go indirect light, keep media moist but not constantly saturated and add a mild fertilizer every two months to your water.  It's as easy as that!

Important commercial grower note: for smaller pot production, higher light levels will reduce leaf size and petiole length and increase the compactness and symmetry.

Grown and shipped in 98 cell trays.