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Jan 8, 2018

Aug 29, 2018

Feb 12, 2019



Anthurium... Tropical Color You Can Grow


Who says tropical plants are just green! Anthurium gives and keeps on giving with beautiful long lived flowers in radiant colors.  A true tropical plant that likes to show off with a dazzling display of flowers and dark glossy foliage. 


With the introduction of Anthurium ‘Lady Jane’ in 1984, Oglesby continues to raise the bar on Anthurium breeding with unique varieties suitable for 4 to 10 inch pots. Our varieties have been bred and selected for excellent flower counts and strong, resilient foliage.  Some of our newest Anthurium introductions, ‘Red Rocket’, 'Red Heart' and ‘White Heart’ now combine larger flowers sizes with excellent disease tolerance. Anthurium make a colorful patio container plant or interior plant for your bright interior spaces.  Both the flowers and the foliage make excellent cuts for vase arrangements.

Call today and let us help you with your Anthurium program.

Anthurium 'SmallTalk'® Red pp11742


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'SmallTalk' Red  is a very early blooming hybrid that will consistently flower and perform in pot sizes as small as 3 inches up to 6 inches. Heart... More

Anthurium 'White Heart'


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'White Heart' is a breakthrough in Anthurium breeding combining large flower size with excellent Anthurium blight resistance. The large spathes are... More

Anthurium Kerrich tm ‘Rose Blush’


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'Rose Blush' produces large beautiful rose colored flowers (spathes).  'Rose Blush' is considered an obake Anthurium type (obake is a Japanese word... More