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Jan 8, 2018

Aug 29, 2018

Feb 12, 2019

Nephrolepis 'Nevada' PAT#14190
  • Nephrolepis 'Nevada' PAT#14190
  • Nephrolepis 'Nevada' @  Alpha Foliage Homestead Florida

Nephrolepis 'Nevada' PAT#14190


Tray Price: $42.48

1 tray(s)

Meet the "Boston" fern that is grown by every serious commercial Boston Fern grower around the world. More compact and darker green than "True Boston", 'Nevada' gives the grower better space utilization and as an added bonus, reduced lower frond yellowing or "blasting" requiring little or no clean up prior to shipping.  'Nevada' is great for containers or small to large baskets.

We pride ourselves on shipping a full, uniform, well grown liner that is consistent shipment to shipment giving the grower the bench runs they look for.  If you’re serious about growing the best "Boston Fern" then 'Nevada' is the right fern for you.

Grown and shipped in 72 cell trays.

Zones 10+